Executive Roundtables

The Precision Strike community has a long history of being the quintessential organization focused on the art and science of precision engagement. As such the NDIA leveraged the PSA model in instituting the Captains of Industry Series. PSA roundtable events are a cornerstone of NDIA’s Captains of Industry Engagement where senior Service Leaders are able to open dialogue at the senior Industrial level regarding capabilities, issues, and potential solution sets. PSA Roundtables are known for providing a venue for Military Leaders to reach senior Industry leaders/decision makers and for getting Industry buy-in for on-going threat-driven, industry-informed, requirements generation efforts (the art of the possible). PSA hosts classified non-attributional roundtables for the Service Resource Sponsors focused on “communities of interest” where Industry can help provide solutions to pressing DoD challenges. Roundtables develop enhanced dialogues around the specific interests, capabilities and threats and often generate follow-on engagements through PSA large events or direct Industry-Service efforts.