In order to ensure that the PSA continues to serve the U.S. military in the most effective way possible, PSA direction and management is handled by the PSA Board of Directors (BoD), which is advised by the Advisory Council. The PSA BoD is the group responsible for the management of the organization, and consists of members of the defense industry and government laboratories.  The Advisory Council, comprised of active and retired U.S. military and federal leadership, serve as liaisons to the PSA to keep the organization current on national strategy and policy, which enables the PSA BoD to focus their conferences on those issues that are most relevant for U.S. defense leadership.

Board of Directors
The PSA Board of Directors (BoD) provides the strategic direction for the PSA mission and programs and, as an affiliate of NDIA, operates within the provisions of the NDIA Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. The Chairman of the PSA Board is also a member of the NDIA Board of Directors and has all attendant responsibilities of an NDIA corporate board director, to include the fiduciary responsibility. As an affiliate, PSA elects its own Directors (who operate as advisory trustees) and establishes its own programs and organization.  The PSA BoD consists of recognized leaders of the Precision Strike community with representation from industry, academia, research institutions and other professional trade associations.

Advisory Council
Since the inception of the PSA under former SecDef Dr. William Perry’s guidance, the Advisory Council members have served as liaisons to the PSA, and advise the BoD on programs and matters of mutual interest, to the exclusion of legal, financial, personnel, or other matters pertaining to the internal operations of the PSA.  This Council is the cornerstone of what makes the PSA effective and relevant, as their insight keeps the organization focused on topics relevant to the warfighter of today, as well as the strategies and tactics of tomorrow.  The Advisory Council consists of members engaged in the Precision Strike mission from each of the Services, the Joint Staff, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense.