Date: March 15-16, 2016

Location: Waterford Conference Center at Springfield, VA

Theme: “Precision Engagement Acquisition Strategy to Support 3rd Offset”


Theme: “Precision Engagement Acquisition Strategy to Support 3rd Offset”

As we near the edge of the technical envelope, it behooves both Government and Industry to work cooperatively in the new "better, faster, cheaper" acquisition environment to anticipate, get ahead and develop the next new thing in precision.

Precision strike engagement will continue to be a priority capability area that is required across all spectrums of conflict. The future focus is likely to be on air and surface-to-surface missiles providing long-range precision attack against land and maritime targets. The precision strike community must seek to address known capability deficiencies to support advanced technology investments for these precision strike engagements.

Critical topics and challenges to address precision strike’s way forward are planned during PSAR-16 for review and discussion by distinguished leaders, acquisition experts, and rocket-scientists. The theme Precision Engagement Acquisition Strategy to Support the Third Offset defines topics related to innovations and program enhancements designed for the future Joint Force. Several focus areas will be highlighted for “precision strikers” during this two-day critical Review as identified below:


  • Precision Strike Challenges
  • Intelligence Threat
  • Rapid Acquisition to Support the Warfighter
  • Precision Engagement Strategies
  • New Innovative Approaches to Warfighting
  • Vision of Third Offset Strategy
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Base Policy Initiatives for Precision Strike
  • International Precision Weapons Session
  • A Better Way Forward in R&D Portfolio Acquisition
  • Congressional Perspective on Acquisition Initiative Improvements
  • Congressional Perspective on Keeping Our Asymmetric Edge
  • Implementation of Third Offset Strategy
  • Cyber Capabilities—Offsetting the Cost Curve
  • Precision Engagement Requirements for Rapid Fielding
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Long-Range Precision Fires
  • Packaging Directed Energy Into a Precision Carrier
  • Army Future Initiatives for the Warfighter
  • Geo-Political Discussion of Europe & the Pacific



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2016 Perry award:

In recognition of superb contributions to precision strike systems, the Precision Strike Association and the William J. Perry Award recognizes public or private sector leadership or achievement that results in significant contributions to the development, introduction or support of precision strike systems. The recipient must have made significant contributions that have led to the strengthening of our national security by direct application of precision strike capabilities to DoD systems and/or to the enhancement of our industrial technology base for application to precision strike technology.



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